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Distributor and Franchise

We constantly provide opportunities for enterprising business people to collaborate with us. If you want to be a distributor for our products in your region.

A vital business partner in the market place, is the distribution stockist . The distribution channel handles well over 60% of our business of the company. The main focus of this channel is market penetration and coverage. Our growth rate in the marketplace requires us to appoint distributors in new regions. The distributor channel operates exclusively in the region in which it is allotted.


Vendor/ Supplier

As a rapidly growing company since 1987,we are inviting more and more reliable suppliers and/or vendors who believe in providing the best to us and satisfy end user needs.

If you are interested in taking on the distribution of our products in your region or becoming a vendor or supplier, kindly contact on


Mr.Shabbir Hussain : +91 9820090852
Mr.Hamza Hussain : +91 9820807444
Email us at : /